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Glycolic Gel

Description:This low pH, 10% glycolic acid formulation improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens uneven pigmentation & helps unclog your pores. Lightly textured, this gentle cellular micro exfoliation brightens skin’s clarity & skin tone. Daily use leads to a more refined, smooth complexion. Benefits: Gently removes dry, outer layers of skin Lessens the […]

Dual Action Toner

Microscopic exfoliation to maintain skin’s healthy radiance Description:Dual Action Toner smoothes & improves skin’s appearance. A gentle alcohol-free blend of Salicylic & Glycolic Acid minimizes the appearance of large pores & is highly effective for dry, flakey skin conditions. Benefits: Clears away dead skin Calms skin inflammation and razor bumps Helps refine skin texture & […]

Micro-Buff Crème

At home microdermabrasion treatment Description:Micro-Buff Crème blends soothing botanicals & skin-brightening crystals to gently buff skin without irritation, revealing a glowing smooth surface. Benefits: Great at-home treatment, or between in-office microdermabrasion treatments Enhances the absorption of skin lightening Exfoliates pigment found in the outer layer of skin Ideal for hyperpigmentation, & diminishing the appearance of […]

Papaya Mint Face & Body Polish

Daily enzyme scrub for all over exfoliation Description:Papaya Mint Face & Body Polish smoothes and detoxifies skin. Formulated with papaya enzymes that dissolve surface debris and Jojoba Beads to gently polish, skin is left feeling super smooth and clean. Benefits: Daily gentle face & body exfoliation Minty enzyme scrub leaves skin feeling soft & smooth […]