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Enhancing your appearance with a Tummy Tuck

If you’re having trouble achieving the fit tummy you deserve, consider a tummy tuck at Great Falls Plastic Surgery. A tight, sculpted tummy is a hot commodity these days. Many people spend hours in the gym and meticulously watch what they eat in order to achieve ‘rock hard abs’. For the rest of us, however, the tasks of diet and exercise are not so easy. Many factors contribute to excess fat around the waistline, including:

  • Childbirth
  • Dramatic weight gain or loss
  • Lack of exercise
  • Age
  • Genetics

The abdominoplasty procedure, commonly referred to as the “Tummy Tuck” can be an effective way of eliminating excess fatty tissues and stretched skin, and even tightening weak and collapsed abdominal muscles, dramatically flattening the waistline.

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty offers a number of benefits for patients. A tummy tuck can:

  • Trim away excess sagging skin
  • Restore the strength of the abdominal wall
  • Tighten sagging muscles
  • Remove excess stubborn fat
  • Eliminate certain stretch marks
  • Sculpt the abdomen for a fit and trim appearance

The best way to get a good concept of the benefits of abdominoplasty is by reviewing our tummy tuck before and after photos.


Abdominoplasty Surgery and What to Expect

A tummy tuck begins with the administration of the chosen type of anesthesia. General and local are both available options, and local is paired with sedation. Either type will make the procedure comfortable and painless for the patient.

A curving horizontal incision is made from hipbone to hipbone on the front of the abdomen. A second incision is often created around the belly button to allow access farther up the abdomen. The skin is then lifted.

Dr. Ploplys uses internal sutures to rejoin the loose sagging muscles of the abdominal wall, eliminating bulging. Removing excess stubborn fat through liposuction also contours away bulges and flab. Drooping skin is trimmed away using a scalpel.

Finally, the skin is redraped in a way that creates tight and sculpted contours. A new opening for the belly button may need to be created. To end the procedure, the incisions are closed with sutures and then dressed.


I can’t even get specific, she was all-around amazing! she makes things very comfortable, has a great sense of humor, and opens up to you with a great welcome. I loved every minute of my time with her and would go back just to say hello!
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The Abdominoplasty Recovery Process

During tummy tuck recovery, follow the directions of Dr. Ploplys closely to minimize the chance of complications and to achieve the best tummy tuck results possible.

There will be post-surgical bruising and swelling on the abdomen for a time. To control these, patients wear elastic compression garments. These garments help skin better fit the new underlying contours of the abdomen.

Standing upright can be painful and damaging during initial healing. Because of this, it should be avoided for the first week of recovery.

It will be necessary to stay home from work for around one month. For six to eight weeks, do not play sports, engage in heavy exercise, or take part in any other physically strenuous activities.


How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

Because there is no one-size-fits-all tummy tuck, the price of abdominoplasty surgery is different from case to case. Tummy tuck cost is impacted by several factors, such as the amount of tissue removed, the exact techniques used, and the type of anesthesia used.


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