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Breast Reconstruction is a type of surgery for women who have had a breast removed(mastectomy). The surgery involves rebuilding the breast to restore size and shape. There are a wide variety of options for breast reconstruction. Dr. Ploplys can work with your breast cancer surgeon at the time of a mastectomy or help you after you have recovered from your cancer treatments. Please call to schedule an appointment. We give patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer priority and can usually see you within a week of your call.

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy
A small subset of women diagnosed with very early breast cancer or breast pre-cancer may be candidates for nipple sparing mastectomy. What kind of mastectomy you have is decided by your general surgeon based on your cancer type. This patient underwent nipple sparing mastectomy and reconstruction with silicone implants.

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Simple Mastectomy
This patient underwent bilateral simple mastectomies, where the breast, areola and nipple are removed. She was reconstructed with silicone implants, nipple reconstruction and areolar tattooing.

Delayed Reconstruction
This patient had a previous right sided mastectomy with no reconstruction. When she was diagnosed with a new left breast cancer, she decided to get reconstruction on both sides with silicone implants.

Matching Procedures
This patient has a left breast reconstruction with a silicone implant. So she would match better, she underwent right breast augmentation and lift. She has elected not to have a nipple reconstruction or areolar tattoo at this point.

Nipple Reconstruction
If a patient desires a prominent nipple, and they have thick enough skin to create one, a nipple can be folded from the skin on the breast. This procedure is done in the office.

A tattoo can be completed in the office to finish off the look of a reconstruction.

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