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The toll that pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can have on a woman’s body can be devastating, both physically and emotionally. Even with proper diet and exercise, oftentimes it is near impossible to restore one’s post-pregnancy body back to one’s pre-pregnancy body.

Some of these effects include:

  • Stretching of the stomach muscles
  • Stretching and loosening of the skin in the areas of the breasts, thighs, abdominals
  • Excess fat deposits in the belly, back and thighs
  • Stretch marks on the breasts, belly and thighs

For those mothers out there who want a firmer, tighter body, even after childbirth, there is the Mommy Makeover. This revolutionary cosmetic procedure has been developed by cosmetic surgeons with the needs and desires of mother’s everywhere in mind. Essentially, this procedure brings together the best of several popular surgical procedures to restore and rejuvenate the mother’s body back to her pre-pregnancy body, as close as possible.

How Does a Mommy Makeover Work?

A Mommy Makeover treatment is composed of several procedures that are all aimed at restoring a female patient’s body to its pre-pregnancy state. It can involve the removal of excess fat and skin, the removal of stretch marks, the tightening of loose abdominal muscles, and more.
The specific procedures that will be used to address these issues will be chosen upon examination of the patient. They will be selected based on what the patient wants to achieve with their Mommy Makeover. Options include liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast procedures, and more.

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Consultations will usually start out with questions involving the patient’s goals and problem areas. Those areas are then examined. After that, patients will be asked about their health, their medical history, and if they plan on having more children.
The answers to these questions and the results of these examinations will determine which procedures will be used and to what extent. Dr. Ploplys will go over the details of the procedure, including the recovery period and the overall cost, and patients will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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