Men who have overdeveloped breast tissue causing their chests to look more feminine than other men, is actually a much more common condition than you might think. The condition, known as Gynecomastia, often develops during puberty and while 90% outgrow the condition, the remaining 10% will have it for the rest of their lives unless corrected surgically. Men who have Gynecomastia often feel self-conscious and deal with low self-confidence.

Dr. Ploplys has helped many men achieve a flatter, more masculine chest and gain a new found confidence through Male Breast Reduction surgery. During the Male Breast Reduction procedure, an incision is made around the lower portion of the areola and the excess glandular tissue is removed. In more extreme cases, excess skin may also be removed or liposuction may be used to excise any excess pockets of fat. The procedure usually takes about an hour and a half. Learn more about Montana Plastic Surgery Male Breast Reduction by contacting our office for a consultation.