Great Falls – Liposuction

Great Falls – Liposuction

Many men and women alike are dissatisfied with an area of their body that has been resistant to the effects of diet and exercise. Genetics can play a large role in where we gain and hold on to weight. If you are in good health, but have localized pockets of fat, you may be a […]

Otoplasty – Great Falls

For children born with ears that are more prominent than others and that stick out far from the sides of their head, teasing among peers can often be a devastating blow to their self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Ploplys has been able to help countless men, women, teens and children get their confidence back through Great […]

Montana Eyelid Lift

Our faces are expressive from the moment of our birth-cry all the way to the end of life, so it’s not surprising they are one of the first places we begin to show signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is among the most delicate and fine on our body and are often easily […]

Montana Blepharoplasty

It’s no secret that our faces change shape as we age. In our first few years on earth this is especially true. We grow into our look. Then, we sort of start to grow out of it- in the later years, wrinkles and creases and sagging skin start to turn our appearance into that of […]

Great Falls Breast Implants

Many women unhappy with the size of their breasts have daydreamed what it would be like to have larger breasts, most in proportion to the rest of their figure. Board certified Great Falls area plastic surgeon, Dr. Ploplys has helped a number of these women make those daydreams a reality with Great Falls Breast Implants. […]

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The hardest part of a patient’s Plastic Surgery journey is often finding the right Plastic Surgeon. A great Plastic Surgeon has the education, training and experience to sustain his medical skill, as well as the aesthetic, artistic eye for detail that enhancing, reconstructing and otherwise altering the human body requires. It can be hard to […]

Liposuction: Not A Weight Loss Solution

Liposuction is a procedure which vacuums out fat via a long, skinny tube that is inserted in tiny incisions in a specific area of your body which may resistant to traditional means of weight loss. Liposuction, however, is not a weight loss treatment, rather it is a procedure to improve the contour of a specific […]

Dr. Ploplys Online Before and After Photo Gallery

Wee believe that results will speak for themselves. As you may have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and we often find that cliche to be the truth. Most patients first judgments of a plastic surgeon are based not only on their training and accreditation, but on the results seen in their previous […]

Soothing Skin Relief Gel

Fast healing relief of redness/rosacea or damaged skin Description:Soothing Skin Relief Gel renews and heals skin after sun exposure or laser treatments. This soothing gel combines healing Aloe Vera, antioxidant Vitamin E and moisture-boosting Sea Algae Extract to help promote rapid skin recovery. Benefits: Promotes healing process Soothes and calms treated skin and sunburns Replenishes […]

AHA Body Lotion

For a healthy, vibrant all-over glow Description:AHA Body Lotion blends intensely hydrating, skin smoothing ingredients: Lactic & Glycolic Acids to rejuvenate & revitalize skin’s vitality. Benefits: A rejuvenating lotion that effectively exfoliates dead skin build-up from the skin surfaces leaving the skin feeling soft & smooth. Excellent for rough & dry areas. Sunburn Alert:This product […]

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