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Conditioning Make-Up Remover

Replenish moisture to entire face, eyebrows, eyelashes & eyelids while removing all traces of make-up including eye make-up Description:Conditioning Make-Up Remover quickly & easily removes all traces of make-up from the eye area & face. This non-irritating, gentle formula combines Hyaluronic Acid & antioxidant Vitamin E to condition &amp protect skin. Formulated for all skin […]

Salicylic Face & Body Wash

Regulate cellular renewal and maintain healthy complexion Description:Made with 2% Salicylic Acid – the maximum FDA-allowed level for non-prescription products—to effectively remove excess sebum, debris, & make-up. Balanced with gentle cellular exfoliating botanicals to promote a healthy skin barrier function & maintain balanced oil production. Pores are unclogged without irritation & over drying. An ideal […]

Lavender Creamy Cleanser

Rehydrate and cleanse normal to dry skin Description:Lavender Creamy Cleanser is formulated with Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil & Aloe Vera to soothe skin while replenishing moisture. Designed for use with water or as a tissue-off cleanser. Formulated for very dry, sensitive or mature skin. Benefits: Promotes skin softness & smoothness Replenishes skin moisture Gentle […]

5% BP Face & Body Wash

Dramatically decrease severe acne & balance oil production Description:Healing & soothing botanicals, burdock and fennel extract, combine with 5% benzoyl peroxide to decrease excess oils, unclog pores & treat acne while soothing skin. Daily use of this foaming, non-soap cleanser will help minimize the appearance of pores & breakouts. Appropriate as a starting cleanser for […]

Chamomile Facial Cleanser

Reduce redness, fine lines, and maintain surface hydration Description:Chamomile Facial Cleanser is formulated with multiple antioxidants that replenish skin while gently removing impurities, leaving skin feeling calm and clean. Formulated for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry & environmentally damaged. Benefits: Replenishes moisture Ideal for sensitive, red or irritated skin Contains no pore-clogging ingredients Softens […]